Legends Toyota



Opened in 2011 as the only LEED Gold Certified Dealership in the Kansas City Metro area, Legends Toyota in Kansas City, Kansas is a prime example of the diverse services and capabilities offered by SquareOneStudio. The project started by presenting conceptual 3D renderings of our products to the architect and to the dealership. From these each component developed into prototypes and then finished samples. We completed the process with detailed shop drawings for review.

The custom design and fabrication of the reception station reflects the Toyota brand by using their logotype form as inspiration. The varying widths within the reception desk walls, a detail we are very proud of, were made possible by using our CNC technology. Legends Toyota also represents our ability to integrate new components into another manufacturers system. The SQ1 desk surfaces work in concert with foreign panel systems and supports, although in custom shapes, dimensions and finishes. In addition to the custom components, the current Toyota corporate standard was used to create the service station kiosks.

SQ1 does not only produce custom, “one-off” pieces of furniture, fixture and casework. We have an extensive library of tables, desks, legs, bases, grommets and other pieces stocked and ready for finish specification. Check out our Online Price Book or give us a call for more details!


Project: Legends Toyota
Location: Kansas City, Kansas
Design: Gensler / SquareOneStudio