Square One Studio manages each project from end to end – from initial consultations, to field measuring spaces to ensure the correct fit, to coordinating specialty installation with contractors. For all of our projects, we strive to provide responsive service and exceptional quality delivered on time to satisfy our partners and the client.

Concept Development

We listen to your ideas and vision for the space or piece of furniture, as well as the specific project requirements. Based on our 25+ years of experience, we take note of the details that can make or break a custom project and explain those as we work together.

Drawings & Renderings

We take an architect’s or interior designer’s vision and bring it to life with digital drawings and conceptual 3D renderings for every project. These CAD drawings detail how our state-of-the-art millwork equipment will cut each piece to custom specs. We invest the time to figure out how the piece will work, what materials will work best, and how we can build it to hold up in the real world.

Materials Expertise

One of Square One Studio’s main strengths is our deep knowledge of materials. From advising what fabrication materials work best, to sourcing unique materials, to matching existing materials and finishes, we do it all. We advise when it’s necessary to order additional materials to match wood grains or patterns so you can make the best choices for your budget.

Expert Craftsmanship

We build everything in our 30,000-square-foot production center and warehouse in midtown Kansas City, Missouri. Our specialized, state-of-the-art equipment is run by some of the most experienced millworkers in the industry. Our skilled craftspeople take pride in turning out top-of-the-line quality and producing pieces that will stand the test of time.

Cantilevered walnut conference table

Specialized Delivery

We deliver our custom-built pieces on our specially made delivery carts so the pieces can be safely stored until they are installed. We coordinate specialty installations with contractors on site, making every effort to see that the job is done right and completed to your satisfaction.

Companies We Work With